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Travel Tips

Travel tips to Etsoha National park

Travel Tips

Travel Tips

A safari in Africa or a visit to Namibia is completely different from your average beach holiday. It´s a big adventure and you need to be well prepared. This category helps you to plan your trip and answers a lot of your questions. Whether you are travelling on your own, a guided self drive or joining an organized tour, it is advisable to consult on a few recommendations and travel tips.


Read more about the best times to go.

Driving in the Park

There is a network of roads linking the three camp sites and subsidiary roads lead to various waterholes. Read more about driving in the park.

Game Viewing

The game viewing in Etosha National Park is excellent. The best time is from May to September – the cooler months in Namibia. Read more about the game drives in the park. Etosha is home to a large variety of waterholes and during most of the year you will find a high concentration of animals at these waterholes. In general the motto is to be patient and considerate when game viewing. Speed limits are 50 km per hour and the ideal game drive speed is recommended between 30-40 km per hour. The slower you drive the more you will see. Animals are instinctive and it is not uncommon to have great animal sightings in the middle of the day at waterholes. It is suggested that you focus on a view waterholes and take your time to explore them.

Getting There

Etosha is approximately 6 hours from Windhoek by road. The road is good tarmac and can easily be driven in one day. Click here for exact directions. Etosha offers a network of gravel roads inside the park. One should keep your speed low and rather stop and view animals , rather than rushing from waterhole to waterhole. During Rainy season it is recommended to drive slowly as roads can be slippery due to heavy rainfalls. The top surface of the gravel roads can make a clay layer that results in slippery driving – so please reduce speeds and be careful in rainy season.


Medical services in Namibia are of a very high standard. However, the availability of most services is restricted to the main towns. Emergencies and accidents that occur in remote areas do attract a high cost when transport to the main towns is required. Host establishments should be able to organize these services when requested. More Health Information:

What to Pack?

Namibia has a typical semi-dessert climate with hot days and cool nights. It is recommended that you pack both summer clothing as well something warm for the evenings. It is advisable to pack a sweater or jacket as it can get quite chilly in the evenings and early mornings. Click here for your complete packing list.

Park Regulations

Read more about the regulations for visitors to Etosha National Park.

Places of Interest

Many interesting areas to visit in Etosha. Consult our travel tips to discover the roads less travelled in Etosha. Visit the Fairy Tale Forest or 33 different water holes to spot game. We´ll give you short overview at the places of interest.

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