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Map of Etosha


Map of Etosha

Etosha Map

Eastern Etosha

Eastern Etosha Map Small


Namibia Wildlife Resort Properties


Make use of the map of etosha when planning your Namibian holiday package. Upon arrival it is recommended that
you obtain a map to assist with directional views and game drive planning. Each camp offer information
on the daily sightings of the park. Plan your game drives and use mapping of animals as your guideline. Find the best waterholes.
Enhance your chances of seeing the best wildlife that Etosha national park has to offer.

Most vehicles comes with GPS systems, mapping is still the best visual and directional way to find your directions in the park.
The park has information stations on wildlife sightings of the day. Be sure not to miss the latest sightings, by checking in at reservations.
Enter your sightings and browse the visitor comments.


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