Etosha Accommodation

Etosha Accommodation

Etosha Accommodation offers a wide selection of Bush Chalets, Family Chalets, Premier Accommodation and camping sites.  Accommodation is divided into 6 designated areas within the park. Plan your route during your visit inside Etosha and select your preferred Etosha Accommodation or camping site. These camps are all run and managed by Namibian Wildlife Resorts. A Government incentive to wildlife resorts in Namibia. The properties are well located inside the National Park. It is recommended to plan your route during your visit to the park. We invite you to explore our accommodation and camping sites.

Etosha Accommodation : Camps

Etosha Accommodation main camps. 

Etosha Accommodation at Namutoni, Halali, Okaukuejo

  • All these camps have bedded accommodation and designated camping sites.
  • Restaurants are available with bar facilities.
  • Floodlit water holes at all these camps.
  • Swimming Pools available.
  • Powerpoint supplies and BBQ facilities at the Campsites.
  • Communal Ablutions at the Camping sites.
  • Twin room ensuite accommodation.
  • Family rooms.
  • Exclusive rooms.
  • Open gate and closing gate times.
  • Fenced.
  • Child-Friendly.

Etosha Camping site at Olifantsrus.

  • Only a camping sites available.
  • Own food required.
  • The latest addition of camps inside Etosha.
  • Watering hole.
  • Lies between okaukuejo and the New Dolomite in the Northwest of Etosha.

Etosha Eco Collection at Onkoshi and Dolomite.

  • These are the latest edition of eco and exclusive camps inside Etosha national park.
  • Excellent accommodation available at these lodges.
  • Spectacular views.
  • Exclusive locations.

Etosha Accommodation is very popular due to the locations inside the Park. All the camps are close to watering holes and allow for excellent Game viewing opportunities. Contact us and make your reservation in advance to secure your availability. The big advantage of staying inside the park is the floodlit waterholes at each camp. You can also leave at the crack of dawn on your game drives. This will allow you to have a greater chance of discovering the wildlife of Namibia. Etosha is also one of the most diverse bird habitats. Visit the Etosha National Park this season and enjoy the abundance of wildlife and birdlife of Namibia. Olifantsrus campsite is the latest edition to camps within the Etosha National Park. Visit the northwest of the park and experience the outback of Etosha. Etosha National Park is a large and vast conservation area. We do recommend that a minimum of two nights is required to experience the park. However, we do suggest four to 6 nights to travel through the park. A minimum of two nights at each of our camps are recommended to have the full experience of the Etosha National Park. The Etosha Accommodation and camping sites are very popular during the school holiday season and we recommend that you book your accommodation well in advance.

From: NAD1820

Dolomite Camp offers the best sunset and sunrise views in Etosha National Park. The elevated camp offer spectacular panaoramic photographic opportunities.

From: NAD900

Halali Camp is in the centre of Etosha Park. It is home to the moringa waterhole and the largest swimming pool in Etosha. Visit Halali this season.

From: NAD1200

Namutoni camp is on the eastern edge of the park and the Etosha pan. This old fort towers over the surroundings and provide a great look out point. 

From: NAD1200

Okaukuejo camp is the main camp inside Etosha Park. It is known for a look out tower and a very active floodlit water hole. 

From: NAD350

Olifantsrus Campsite  is the latest edition to Etosha Park. It is between dolomite and okaukuejo in the North West of the Park. Excellent waterhole. 

From: NAD1820

Onkoshi Camp is of of the newer and eco camps in Etosha national park. Buit and designed to blend with the surroundings on the edge of the pans.